Cloud Platform

Our School Logo(Head)Our School Ltd’s Cloud Platform can be represented by this diagram which shows the flow of information (and authentication) from a school’s student information system (at the bottom) up through the services to the different groups of end users:

MASTER Our School Diagram - Sept 2014

Our Cloud Platform is a suite of powerful hosted services including:

• a User Management Engine for provisioning and updating a school’s cloud services (from its student management system) with new and updated members of the school community and also providing important data such as groups, family relationships, etc

• a Password Kiosk for effective, secure and easy password administration in a modern school environment

Single sign-on (SSO) to provide easy, secure access to cloud services both at school and offsite

• a school Community Dashboard for elegant, user-friendly aggregated access to cloud services and notifications where the user experience is customised to the requirements of each group of end users (ie students, parents, teachers, non-teaching staff, alumni)

• along with the appropriate planning, deployment, customisation, integration and support services from our consultants, in conjunction with a school’s IT staff and external ICT providers.